Digital production

Who are we?

Rainbow Riders has existed since 2006, but the people behind have been around since the web’s childhood. We have been known as NITE Internet, Thingholm, Thingholm/Saks and Thingholm ApS – but no matter what name we have had, we have been working in the digital field.

We are wide-ranging – from websites, web shops, apps (iPhone and Android), web applications, user experience, advice and project management and more. We have now enough projects in the portfolio to be able to say that we know what works online.

We work from our customers’ specific needs and focus on creating value, so your objective is met.

In other words, it’s our job to understand your challenges and deliver solutions that batter. We will create power, it is our mission and one of the reasons for our success.

The formalities

It’s not as sexy, but nice enough to know:

  • Rainbow Riders is a private limited company with a solid economy.
  • And then Rainbow Riders Ltd. is 100% owned by Anders Thingholm.

What we do?

Custom solutions

PHP, Javascript

Although there are a multitude of ready-made solutions out there, there is sometimes a need for a customised solution (business systems, project management tools, membership systems, booking programs, etc.), and here Rainbow Riders has the utmost expertise.


Wordpress, Joomla, Umbraco, Drupal

No matter how large and complex a website is, it rests on the right CMS (content management system). It is from the CMS’ backend, that your webmaster adds new content, and it is ultimately the CMS, which sets the upper limit of how your website works.


iOS, Android

Smartphones and tablets are constantly in the hands of users, checking websites, social media and web shops. This is a great opportunity for you. We have developed apps for both customers and ourselves. This means we know what it takes to succeed with an app.

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