MobilePay in 2020

MobilePay Finland recently wrote how the mobile payment providers have seen the effects of the spring 2020 and COVID-19. The pandemic has changed the lives of many people, and have brought several challenges that have pushed us to change our lifestyles as well. One of these changes is that digitalisation has finally run over the cash payments in Finland, even more than before. MobilePay, being one of the payment service providers in Finland, has got its own lift in this change. Paying with MobilePay has got so popular, that also fundraising donors are shifting to use the service now. While COVID-19 challenged the lives of already challenged people, many started considering the act of donating in order to help others.

Some Finnish NGOs conclude that their most used donation methods are currently SMS and MobilePay. This proves that in the future, more and more payments will be done with a mobile phone, as it is the most convenient option for the donor. Meanwhile, monthly donations are starting to gain their popularity next to one-time donations: MobilePay has now over 10 Finnish NGOs using the Subscriptions platform.

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If you want to read the full article in Finnish, please check it out here.