MyShop Statistics

We are happy to announce that we have launched our latest product called MobilePay MyShop Statistics.

As certified integrators of MobilePay we are continuously working on MobilePay related products that make your life easier.

We have recently launched the MyShop Statistics platform, which provides you with all the same statistics as MobilePay’s own MyShop platform, but it also allows you to do more. These are the features you can benefit from:

  • Create widgets to show your statistics for example on your website
  • Use the data to follow the overall statistics within the time frame you want
  • See all the individual transactions
  • Export data to Excel
  • Some of the figures that you can track are:
    • Chart with turnover per month
    • Total turnover
    • Highest earning payment point
    • Number of transactions
    • Average transaction value
  • Coming soon: Compare one or more payment points

Can’t wait to get started?