Collaboration between PayGate and VaLa

PayGate has recently joined forces with VaLa, a Finnish umbrella organization, which works with several fundraising organizations in Finland. In order for VaLa audience to get acquainted with PayGate, here’s a small introduction of us:

What PayGate does is to help NGOs, big and small, to gather one-time and recurring donations. The company behind PayGate is Rainbow Riders, a web development agency with over 13 years of experience in SaaS technology, which allows PayGate to expand its horizon limitlessly, according to the needs of its clients. Starting from being an authorised MobilePay integrator, PayGate has broadened its services to cover all the different donation methods, meanwhile also expanding from Denmark to Finland, where PayGate already has been established. The future looks bright for the fundraising field, and PayGate has taken up the challenge for becoming one of the leading doers in the field.

The future does not only look bright for the fundraising field, but also for MobilePay, which still stands as one of the most popular products for PayGate’s customers. The growth of MobilePay Subscriptions in Finland has been phenomenal in the year of 2020, when the overall transactions using this product has reached over 800% increase between May and August, as can be seen in the graph above (source: MobilePay Finland).

As the usage of MobilePay will continue to increase further, PayGate will aim for more and more foothold in the field, both in Denmark and Finland.

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