See real-time agreement status with PayGate!

In these times, every minute in our daily, busy lives is extremely valuable. We at PayGate had a brainstorming session about creating a convenient solution to save more time while selling agreements.

Today we are introducing our new feature that shows in real-time the status of the just created agreement without leaving your iframe.

How does it work? Simply submit the iframe as you have done so far and you will be redirected to the success page. On that page we can now add an indication of the agreement’s status. Until the subscriber will accept the agreement, the status will be shown as ‘Pending’. However, seconds after the agreement is accepted, the status will be automatically refreshed to ‘Accepted’. In this way, you will have a clear overview that agreement is placed correctly and accepted by your subscriber.

To make this more understandable, we have created a short video of the whole process. See yourself how fast and easy our solution is here.

If you are interested in implementing this solution, do not hesitate to contact us on, or by clicking the button below.

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