Welcome to the giving season!

As we enter Christmas time, fundraising is now more important for people who are willing to help more. Today we have a special day in fundraising – GivingTuesday. It is a global movement that encourages people to do good, inspires to be generous and calls for solidarity was created back in 2012 as a response to consumerism in the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. As a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is always held on the Tuesday after US Thanksgiving and this year it takes place on December 1st.

GivingTuesday can be a crucial day for organizations, who launch a year-end fundraising campaign. Organizations not only experience an increase in the donation flow, but also augmentation in new and recurring members. All this helps create high fundraising results.  By using the hashtag #GivingTuesday in social media it is easier for organizations to reach out to the target audience, update and show gratitude to donors and members.

We in PayGate highly encourage everyone to donate for any causes, as even the smallest amounts matter.

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