Dunning engine for Billwerk

Would you like to make sure that donations will be received? We catered to your needs and implemented a dunning engine in PayGate, in order to make your communications with donors even better in case of failed payment done by card.

In easy words, a dunning engine is a tool that allows you to have automatically communicate with your subscriber in order to get them to update their card payment information in case that the current one is no longer available.

You as a merchant have a full control over your dunning plan configuration. This means that you can choose how many notifications should be sent at what intervals. The notifications could be mails or standard SMS and the text is fully customizable. Furthermore, a dunning plan has also a final action in case that notifications won’t bring success. You can choose between two options: ‘Do nothing’ or ‘Mark the agreement as expired’.

On top of that PayGate can do a proactive check  which basically means doing a card authorization for 1kr. without actual payment. This is done before a payment is due to determine if the card is still active.

If you have any additional questions or would like to try dunning engine, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below or at info@rainbowriders.dk.