Introduction to MobilePay

Welcome to our new series where we present the payment methods available on the market and their benefits to your fundraising campaigns. Today we will present one of PayGates’ supported payment solutions – MobilePay.

MobilePay is an easy, fast and hassle-free payment method. Customers don’t need to enter long card numbers and they don’t need to fetch their wallets to complete the purchase – they only need a phone, which is usually right by their side. Payments are accepted by swiping, making the solution easy and secure. As a result, offering MobilePay can help increase your conversion rate.

When a customer uses MobilePay Subscriptions for a donation, the payment flow is as follows:

  • When making a donation, the customer enters the amount and the mobile phone number connected to their MobilePay application.
  • The customer accepts the payment in their MobilePay application.
  • The payment is charged to the card the customer linked with their MobilePay application.
  • Finally, the payment is confirmed in the MobilePay application, and the customer is returned directly to the merchant.

Apart from subscriptions, MobilePay also offers extra features, such as: MobilePay Invoice and MyShop. MobilePay Invoice helps the merchant send their bill directly to their customer in MobilePay. However, MobilePay MyShop lets your customers pay in your shop or stall with MobilePay without any need for additional equipment. The customer simply needs to enter your number or scan the QR code on your MobilePay MyShop sticker.

Furthermore, with MobilePay being as easy as sending a text message, it makes it easier for NGOs to acquire and retain donors. The biggest selling point is MobilePay’s ability to start a subscription with just one swipe, making it hassle-free and appealing for new donors.

By using our PayGate platform, your donors will get the option to make recurring payments to you through MobilePay Subscriptions. As a fundraiser, you will be able to easily create the payment agreement simply by providing the customer’s telephone number. It only requires one swipe, so the donation happens completely automatically in the future. Additionally, PayGate also supports MobilePay Invoice and MyShop.

If you have any additional questions about MobilePay or how to start using it with PayGate, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below or at