One touch donations with Apple Pay

Another day, another payment method!

Today we would like to present the next useful and convenient mobile application for payments – ApplePay.

In order to start paying with ApplePay users need to set up an Apple Wallet, add their credit card information and it’s ready to use! The only limitation of this payment method is that it’s available exclusively for users of Apple’s devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac.

ApplePay makes itself an extremely fast method to use as it does not require entering details like contact information or credit card numbers as everything is already in the app. If a donation is done by using an iPhone, it only requires a Touch ID or Face ID to confirm and process the payment, which makes it as effortless as making one touch!

Your donors, by using this payment method, do not need to worry about security, as their credit card details are not stored on their device at all. Therefore, it makes ApplePay a highly secure option for payments.

Furthermore, right now more than half of iPhone users have activated ApplePay on their devices, which amounts to hundreds of millions people around the world. This makes it a highly popular payment method which should be considered for adding into the offer of your fundraiser.

Do you want to read more? Visit this website and learn more about ApplePay’s offer.

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