Gather donations with Google Pay!

Today we would like to present another payment method available on the market and its benefits to your fundraising campaigns.

This time, it is Google’s own mobile payment solution – Google Pay. The solution enables its users to pay for transactions with their Android devices in-store and on supported websites, mobile apps and Google services, like the Google Play Store. The user links their credit or debit card to their Google Pay account, which is then used for making the transactions for in-store or online purchases. On Android devices, the Google Pay system uses near field communication (NFC) to interact with payment terminals. When signed in to one’s Google account in the Chrome browser, the user can conduct transactions with Google Pay on sites that support the service.

Google Pay is a secure solution, as it allows the user to store credit or debit card data to speed up the checkout process. Encryption and passkeys are used to safeguard the users’ financial information. This makes each purchase secure and prevents the seller or outside individuals from accessing the users’ information.

The ability to pay safely through a few clicks without having to enter your card data attracts the attention of many new users. For charities and fundraisers, it’s important to be able to accept mobile payments and online donations through payment solutions like Google Pay, or they risk missing out on thousands of new potential donors. Because of this, Google Pay has already been adopted by thousands of vendors worldwide and continues to grow every day.

Today, more than 150 million people in 30 countries use Google Pay every month. It is truly an exciting payment solution and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Google Pay.

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