Back to basics – SMS donations

In these times, developers are racing towards having the best mobile payments method that will overtake the market. But today, let’s go back to the absolute basics and one of the most old-school methods, which is SMS. How does it work? We all know, so now we will explain how your fundraiser can use it for donations.

Let’s start by explaining that there are few ways of completing donations through SMS. The first one is very quick and simple, the donor sends a text message to the given number and this results in a donation that is charged on the donor’s phone bill. The other way is when the donor does not have an option to add the donation to their phone bill. In this situation after sending a text message, the donor will receive a link in the reply which will redirect them to a page where the payment can be done.

SMS donations are also very convenient for different campaigns. Your charity can advertise details in a static text advertisement like leaflet, posters, billboard and on a tv ad. The last one is very commonly used especially for heart-catching campaigns that will stimulate watchers to donate immediately after seeing the material. Additionally, there is an option to put the button on your webpage or social media that will redirect to users’ message application with pre-filled information ready to be sent.

PayGate offers recurring donations with SMS through PayGate Collect which is an add-on to PayGate Subscription product. Get to know more about it here.

If you are a Danish NGO, you can visit our website to read more about one-time SMS donations for your organization.

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