Micro donations in banners with Apple Pay and Google Pay

The market for payments is growing at an incredible tempo, which requires constant updates of offer to keep up with the newest trends. PayGate is constantly improving its offer to create more options to fulfill the needs of our current and potential clients. In today’s short article we would like to present our newest updates regarding payment options.

As today’s reality is getting more busy, we need a form of donations that will be as easy and fast as possible to save time. Donors do not want to spend time on filling credit card information and want to pay within a few seconds.

With the growing popularity of Apple Pay and Google Pay methods, we have added a new way of approaching donors with payment buttons. You can place those payment buttons to your banner which can show specific campaigns. In this way, a donor influenced by your banner message can make a one click donation that just requires confirmations of identity to process the payment. The convenience of this method is that the donor stays inside the banner to complete the donation process, as it does not require any additional website.

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Interested? Then visit our demo here https://applepay.rainbowriders.dk and try it out yourself!

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