Digital fundraising – the future for NGOs

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. Today we’re spending more and more of our time staring at our computer, phone or tv screens. With lightning-fast internet, unlimited data plans and applications for everything, most of our activities are conducted online. While technological innovations have certainly made things more convenient, the growth of a digital generation can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and the way that nonprofits fundraise hasn’t always kept up with the latest trends.

Donor behavior has certainly changed, and we can see this through MobilePay’s statistics:

  • 333 million transactions done with MobilePay in 2019
  • 4.1 million users only in Denmark
  • More than 127 million DKK collected through MobilePay for Danish NGOs

Based on the figures above, it can be said that it is important that fundraising campaigns are compatible with mobile technology, as it is the future for donations.

In the fundraising world, there are numerous donation options like online fundraising sites, digital donations buttons, social media ads, text donations, crowdfunding and such. Bearing these options in mind, with any type of fundraising it is important to make sure who your target donors are.

PayGate is constantly being improved to provide the latest solutions in order to better tailor an NGOs needs for digital fundraising. We’re excited to see what the future holds for us and digital fundraising.

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