Landing page – your new donation channel

When finalizing the deal with your potential donors, one thing above all will either seal the deal, or scare them away: Ease. It may seem vague at first, but an overly complicated or untransparent payment option creates a hurdle for donors, which neither they nor you will benefit from. There is however, a simple but effective tool to secure a seamless donor journey: Landing page.

PayGate had recently launched a landing page solution which is a standalone page that features payment options for a campaign. A landing page does not interfere with your main website, which makes it an incredibly easy solution for maintenance and design changes. You can customize it according to the current campaign and attract even more donors. It has a unique shareable URL, which you can use in any online context: social media, email-campaigns, SMS, online advertisements – the sky’s the limit!

One huge benefit of having a unique landing page for your campaign is that it makes the donor journey much more seamless and transparent for your donors. The more convenient and fast the payment processes seems, the more likely donors are to go through with online payments. And in a world, where we use increasingly more time on our phones than at our computers, PayGate has also optimized landing pages for smartphone screens.

Landing pages can save you time and earn you money if you use them efficiently. With PayGate you can create an effective landing page and use it as an addition to your main form on the website.

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