Upgrade your communication with SMS Lister

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to send the same SMS to a big number of people? We have all probably been there and know that it requires a lot of time to add every single person to the recipient list every time. 

But that’s the past now, as we would like to present you with an unbelievably easy and time-saving solution – SMS Lister. It gives you the possibility to create many different lists of recipients and send them the same SMS with a few clicks. Your recipients will receive a message that comes with a name chosen by you f.x. “Your company name”. SMS Lister gives you the perfect most simple 1-way communication with your recipients.

We have also added a possibility to track all the SMS that are sent, so you will never have to worry about your memory – whether you have sent the message or not. Moreover, you get API access to integrate this solution into your system, to make it even more efficient. 

This is really as easy as it seems – there are no unnecessary features, the user interface is as simple as it gets, and can be used even by people without technical knowledge.

Need some examples of how it can be used in real life?

Imagine a sports club with many different teams where each contains at least 20 people. Shortly before the lesson of one team, there is an unexpected situation that requires immediate information to be sent out to all team members. Surely nobody will check their email fast enough (if they even have one), therefore you can use SMS to solve this. Just go to SMS Lister, open the specific list of people you want to communicate with, and write the message to be sent. this way, you have just saved time and everyone will be informed at the right moment. 

Sounds like a solution that would help your company with smoother communication? Read more about it on our website here https://smslister.dk and contact us at info@rainbowriders.dk with any questions.