New integration on the way: Membercare

In PayGate we are always aiming for continuous expansion of our offer. We know how important it is to make ourselves more attractive for NGOs, which are currently in the middle of digital fundraising transformation. These organizations start to use many external programs to enhance their fundraising and money collection, therefore it is highly essential for us to add new integration possibilities. 

That’s why today we would like to present a brand new integration for Membercare. It is a membership system created for professional associations to effectively manage their member-oriented tasks. There are several additional functions like automated tasks, tailor-made reports, event management, order collection, and much more!

However, as the majority of the systems, it has some gaps. That’s why PayGate will cover missing parts of the system and integrate them with our platform, in order to create a seamlessly working product that is functional for your organization. Membercare is also a system with a purpose to integrate with other platforms, that’s why the integration process is very smooth and convenient for you. 

A great example of how Membercare integration works in real life is a case with our client UlykkesPatientForeningen. Here, we have created a division of payments, meaning that PayGate is handling MobilePay and QuickPay and Membercare is processing the rest. Moreover, our integration is created in a way to sync data like members, agreements payments, etc. from PayGate to Membercare in real-time

Together, we have created an amazing solution that works very well for our client. The full case with UPF and the integration details can be read here:

If you would like to talk about possibilities with Membercare integration for your organization, do not hesitate to contact us at