Use all possibilities of MobilePay MyShop

As we are closer to summer, the world starts to shine again and we want to make the most out of the long days. So should your organization when it comes to donations! It simply means approaching people through more channels, and a great way to do it is by using MobilePay MyShop. Today we are diving in all the possibilities that come with this great product. 

What is MobilePay MyShop?

It is a product of MobilePay, created specifically for receiving very quick one-time payments. Your organization will receive a unique 5 digit number along with a QR code, that is used to make donations. The biggest advantage is that the user flow is very simple and does not differ much from a private money transfer. Moreover, as your MyShop is working with a static number and QR code, you can place them wherever you would like. Using MobilePay MyShop will for sure allow you to reach more potential donors and therefore increase donation numbers. 

MyShop and PayGate 

Let’s start with the fact that MobilePay MyShop is one of the payment methods available in PayGate. We can easily add it as a one-time donation option to your iframe, which will broaden your payment offer. All the transactions will be visible in PayGate, and if you want to get an extra deep look, you can try out our other platform MyShop Statistics. 

MyShop Statistics 

You gathered a good number of donations, now what? If you want to have the best view at the performance of your campaign using MyShop, you may want to look at our MyShop Statistics platform. This is a ready-to-use platform created by Rainbow Riders that is fully integrated with MobilePay MyShop. We give you the opportunity to deeply analyze your data and performance, so you can get more insights for the future. We have written about this product in one of our previous articles, which you can read here.

MyShop Collect 

Here we present you with an innovative solution for getting the payments in a very easy and quick way. MyShop Collect is a standalone platform for organizations that already use MyShop for getting payments and would like to expand its possibilities. With this product, your organization will be able to send an SMS to the payer, containing a link to MyShop payment. Moreover, you can remind your payers with an SMS about the payment and create collection landing pages so they make payment themselves first. It is a great solution for all those who, for example, besides receiving memberships also need a one-time payment solution for gathering set up fees, entrance fees, event admission fees, etc.

We hope that our article gives you a different perspective on MobilePay MyShop and all the options that come with it. If you are interested and want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to chat about it.