How to increase your transactions?

We are approaching the middle of the year, therefore it is a time to summarize your past actions and think if they brought you the desired result. In some cases, you might notice that there has been no real increase in your transactions number, and you are not moving forward. 

Don’t stress, you still got another 6 months to boost your numbers for the year! Today we are coming with a few products and tools that can be used to increase your donation transactions.

Email campaign 

Let’s start with a basic tool that each organization should have. Email is a very powerful and often undervalued tool that can be very effective if, of course, used in the right way. Here, our suggestion is to include in your standard email campaign, a link that can be used to set up a recurring donation. This can be a very powerful option, especially for an older audience that mainly uses emails and need easy guidance with straightforward access, in this case, a direct link placed in your email. 

PayGate Collect 

Here we have an add-on to PayGate, that is based on the well-known SMS. PayGate Collect is a wonderful option to target more audiences through various channels like social media, advertisements, commercials, etc. By placing your keyword with a shortcode on one of the mentioned channels you increase your chances for new potential donors to notice your organization. Once they send an SMS containing your keyword to our short number, they will receive a message back with a link to set up a recurring donation. 

Micro banner donations with MobilePay MyShop 

An innovative idea that can attract many potential donors with its ease of use. Basically, the only thing you need to do is to place a mobile-only banner prepared by us on the web (banner ad) and watch people start making micro-donations. After clicking into the banner, the user will be asked to fill in any information requested by your organization and afterward will be transferred to complete the payment in the MobilePay application.

PayGate Flow

And our last proposal for today is to strive for better retaining your existing donors, which will also help you increase your number of donation transactions. PayGate Flow is another add-on for PayGate and works as an automated communication tool that sends SMS to your donors whenever their agreement changes – for example when it goes from Accepted to Cancelled. This can be very useful when a donor cancels their agreement and you want to send them a message trying to win them back. 

Each of the above products works fine on its own or in combination with others, and will potentially bring impressive results! You can try out PayGate Collect and PayGate Flow free of charge for the trial period and see how it works for your transactions. 

We hope that you have gotten a new fresh look at your transactions overview and will try to increase it during the rest of the year. Reach out to us at, if you would like to talk through any possibilities for your organization or checking out our free trials. We know that each case is unique, therefore we always try to customize solutions and adjust to your needs.