Take your work to the next level with Reepay Plugins!

In today’s summer blog post, we want to gather and describe our amazing Reepay Plugins that a lot of our clients simply don’t imagine working without. 

But what actually is Reepay, and why did we create those plugins? 

Reepay is a Danish payment gateway created in 2015 that specializes in handling single as well as subscription payments. We think that it is an awesome platform that provides a lot of useful tools, and as we work in close collaboration with Reepay, we have developed several plugins that increase the usability of Reepay even more. 

Reepay Self-service

Reepay Self-service is a platform where your end customer can log in (without the need to sign up first) and manage their Reepay purchased subscription. This saves your company a lot of time as you do not have to be in charge of making changes for your clients.  Read more about Reepay Self-service here

Reepay Landing Pages

Our next solution is created to expand your onboarding possibilities by giving you a custom Reepay landing page. The default Reepay hosted signup pages are limited in terms of design, form fields, and functionality. With our solution, you can get your dream landing page, and we will customize it to your needs as there is no limitation in what we can place on it and what features we can add to it. Take a deeper look at the landing page possibilities here.

Reepay Subscriptions for WooCommerce 

We are currently offering the only WooCommerce plugin that works with Reepay Subscriptions. You will not need any other additional plugins either. What’s more, the plugin also accepts orders with a mix-up of subscriptions and single products, which makes it even more usable. See more on our website here

Reepay Checkout Statistics

A plugin made for those of you who are using Reepay Checkout for single payments and want to have a deeper understanding of your sales performance. Our plugin gives you an insight into statistical data around your payments with great graphical charts. Read what figures you can see on the platform here

Reepay Subscription Statistics 

Another plugin that provides a statistical overview of your sales performance, but this time for those of you who are using Reepay Subscriptions. We wanted to extend the basic metrics provided by Reepay themselves and take it to the next level by giving you even more performance metrics, various charts, and graphs that will help you track important data. Take a look at the provided metrics here

Reepay ChartMogul Connector

Our last plugin allows you to connect Reepay with ChartMogul by seamlessly integrating data to ChartMogul. This solution gives you the possibility to use ChartMogul to analyze your subscription performance by using their great tools. You can see all the advantages mentioned here

We are constantly trying to adjust our Reepay Plugins offer to create the most amazing features that will help your company even more in daily work. Moreover, we are open to any suggestions if you would like to build a solution to enhance your Reepay usage. 

If you have any questions about any of our plugins or want to know more about our creation possibilities, please feel free to contact us at info@rainbowriders.dk.