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Coming back to a work routine after the summer holidays is not the easiest thing to do when all you have in mind is the sunny beach. But being back also means setting new projects and goals for the rest of the year which is a really exciting part. 

Today we decided to gather our range of products for other business and nonprofit areas as new work paths usually require new solutions and products to be used. 


Specifically designed platform for self-help organizations to manage resources, members, and activities. Selvhjaelp is a great way to keep all the parts seamlessly organized within just one platform. Moreover, it has great features providing for volunteer and group management, as well as for managing events and activities across the groups. Read more about Selvhjaelp here.


Similar to Selvhjaelp’s offer, but here the platform is created for all NGOs to empower your organization and resources management. It is a simple, but a feature-rich platform that contains exactly what you need to run an NGO. Inside AidSpace, you will find tools such as volunteer, user and group management, activities planning. One of the great things about the platform is that it also gives you a way to keep your staff organized with tasks, schedules, and recruitment. Take a closer look at how AidSpace can help you here.


Having troubles with managing your members? We got you covered! Membeno is a very simple platform designed for any company that is dealing with members and would like to have an overview of those. Our platform allows you to create your users, either private individuals or companies and you will be able to add records to their profiles with membership payments. It’s a very simple platform, without unnecessary features, so take a look at Membeno here


If your company is dealing with marketing activities, then this product is worth taking a look at. Dyce is a platform for media content planning and collaborative editing. With Dyce, you can create campaigns, posts on different platforms, see a timeline overview, and get approval from your colleagues. Read more about Dyce on our website here


Within a new reality for a majority of business owners, where normal shopping can be temporarily unavailable, we have come up with an idea to keep your company running. HeroVoucher is a platform for shop owners to sell prepaid vouchers and make a profit during difficult times. All you need is a Stripe account to receive payments and you are ready to create and sell vouchers. Sounds like a solution your business could use? Then read more about HeroVoucher here


As you can see, we got you covered in various business needs and our product range is constantly developing. If you want to be up-to-date with our new releases, do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter

Do you have any questions about the products mentioned above? Reach out to and we can find together what suits your business best.