Unconventional fundraising channels for Giving Tuesday

There are now less than 90 days to Giving Tuesday! This means that the preparations should be at full speed now. We guess that there are a million questions in your head, starting from choosing donation channels, through picking a target audience, to actually have everyone’s attention on this special day. 

Don’t worry, we got you! But if you have never heard about Giving Tuesday until today, read about this amazing event straight from the source https://www.givingtuesday.org/.

Today we start a mini-series about Giving Tuesday that aims to help you with all important aspects that stand behind having a successful day. In this article, we will look closer at various, non-conventional donation channels that might help you with fundraising on Giving Tuesday. 

Facebook fundraising tools 

These days, having a Facebook page is widely popular among charities but this platform has much more to offer. According to NonProfit Source, 18% of donors worldwide have used Facebook fundraising tools to give a gift which proves how important it is to have it in your offer. 

This social media platform offers you a wide variety of tools such as displaying a donate button on your page, starting a fundraising page with a specified cause, or displaying a donate button on Facebook stories, as well as donations while streaming live. Moreover, as a part of raising awareness before Giving Tuesday, you can encourage supporters to create fundraisers on your behalf. 

In order to be eligible for receiving donations on Facebook, your charity must be placed in a country that allows for it and is a part of an accurate nonprofit registry in said country. 

Instagram donation button

Instagram as a part of Facebook has similar possibilities to raise funds. However, it is still worth having both platforms as usually the target audience is different and the communication style varies. It’s worth mentioning that around 75% of the users take action like visiting a website or even buying the product (source: NonProfit Source), therefore you have a high chance that your audience will react to your call. 

With this SoMe platform you can place a donation button on your Instagram stories or and encourage supporters to do it as well, moreover there is a possibility of allowing donations directly from your IG profile and going on live relations with a fundraising option. To make your efforts more permanent and accessible at any time, you can create a fundraiser on Instagram Reels. 

If you want to start gathering funds in this way, besides signing up for the tools, your charity also needs to connect Facebook and Instagram accounts and then switch Instagram to a business account. 

TikTok donations

Here we have a method that probably most of you are not aware of as it’s one of the newest on our list. This popular application among ‘Gen Z’ is a great way to reach younger people and build awareness among them. 

TikTok is based on short videos in different categories, and you can easily record videos containing different trends and raise funds by putting a donate sticker on your video. Moreover, on your charity official profile, there is an option to make a direct donation.

But before you can use those tools, you need to build a charity’s presence on the platform, then sign up with Tiltify and get approval, furthermore here you also need to set up a Stripe account for receiving payments. 

As you can see, bank transfer or credit card payment are not the only options that you have, and sometimes the more the better. Having a diversified donation channel can have a great impact on preparing your supporters for Giving Tuesday and will be useful for the actual day. 

If you need help in setting up any donations channel starting from traditional to nontraditional, we are always ready to help therefore do not hesitate to contact us at info@rainbowriders.dk.