Donation form – on a website or as a landing page?

Today’s article focuses on the possibilities of acquiring donations, as there are different options for approaching that. We will present the most traditional way which is a donation form placed on your own website, and a more modern way of using a landing page and try to look into their advantages and disadvantages.

Donation form placed on your website 

A donation form is an iframe that works like a page embedded into your own website. It usually looks like a form where donors fill in the information before proceeding with the donation process.

The main advantage of placing a donation form on your website is that it is actually on your website which gatherers everything important in one place. If the person who wanders through your website sees a beautifully done donation form, it can instantly make them want to support your cause, and they do not have to enter any extra pages. 

The customization possibilities are limited, as it is just a form with fields for the donor to fill in. But you still have the possibility to customize the colors, general design, and information collected. We can either simplify the form with just a required name and email address from a donor, or you can extend it with any information you may need. 

Landing page

A landing page is an external solution that again gives you the possibility to accept donations. It is a standalone page that has a unique URL. Basically, we can say that it is just one big donation form that is not connected to your main website. 

The biggest advantage is customization possibilities, you can change the design, text, and images according to the current season or your ongoing campaign. All of this happens externally, so your website does not need to be adjusted to fit the design.

Finally, spreading your landing page to the world is just a piece of cake! Take your custom URL and reach donors through different channels like social media, SMS, email, and more. This gives you the possibility to reach a more differentiated audience, and the page itself has a simple layout that is easily reachable for donors, who do not have to wander on your website in order to find a donation iframe. 


Both solutions have their advantages and flaws, and they are created to serve different needs. Therefore, you need to assess what are your needs and website possibilities, in order to pick the solution which will serve you best. Of course, let’s remember that one does not exclude the other, so the perfect combination would be to have a standard donation form on your website, and also a landing page to advertise a direct donation possibility across channels. 

In PayGate, we give you the possibility of creating a donation form both on your webpage and a landing page. After presenting your requirements, we get back to you with a finished product so you do not have to worry about doing it yourself. So, if that sounds like what you need, do not hesitate to contact us at