How to service donors after a completed donation?

There are less than 3 weeks until Giving Tuesday! 

The excitement is rising as this international fundraising event is approaching. Charities are finishing the last touches in preparing campaigns and spreading awareness to potential donors. Therefore, as we have previously written about approaching donors through social media and then we also compared donation forms to donation landing pages, it is time to complete our three-article series about tips for Giving Tuesday preparation. 

Today’s article will focus on the last step in the process which is the time after the donation is made. As you know, the main goal is to keep the donors and encourage them to support your organization further, therefore you should focus on providing a full experience to them. Below, we will present you with our three ideas that can help you connect better with donors.

Say “Thank you”

It is very important that your donor feels appreciated for donating and supporting your cause. Therefore, you should communicate your thankfulness right after the donation is completed. There are a few ways of doing so, mostly depending on the information that you have about the donation. 

The first option is to use PayGate Flow that has an automated SMS sending after the agreement status changes. In this way, after the donation is approved, you can send an SMS to your donors with customized text where the thankfulness will be expressed. 

However, if the donation is completed through the donation form on your website, you can think about adding a landing page where the donor will land after the completed process. You can have it customized according to your wish and place any text that also will communicate gratitude to the donor. 

Remind about your charity 

Keep your charity in their mind as that is the key to not being forgotten by your donors. During a busy life, people tend to forget a lot of things and need to be constantly reminded about important matters. This means that you should not be afraid of reminding donors about your fundraising causes. It can be done by sending newsletters or SMS messages, also depending on what type of information was gathered.

If you decide on the option of sending SMS, it is worth checking out the solution called, which allows you to send messages in a bulk. You can easily import your contacts into the platform and create different lists, which then can be contacted within a few clicks. 

Provide an option to change the donation

In the situation where the donation is on a recurring basis, sometimes donors find themselves in the position where they no longer can support your organization with the stated amount. Instead of letting them cancel, a good practice is to give an option to decrease the donation amount. This is possible by using PayGate’s SaveDesk solution which is created specifically for this situation. 

Moreover, after the donor chooses one of the alternatives, it is possible to have a page where they will be redirected to. There you can mention that you are thankful for the support and provide any other information that might be worth mentioning. 


The above practices are useful not only during and after Giving Tuesday, but also on the regular basis. Your donors should feel like a part of the fundraising community, therefore regular communication and extra options are necessary to maintain a continuous connection. If any of the proposed solutions in the article are in your interest, reach out to us, and together we can find an option that suits your organization best.