Plan your marketing with Dyce

Marketing campaigns are becoming more complex than ever before. From each side, we are exposed to different influences that were structurally planned by marketing teams to gain a specific result. 

These efforts to gain a customer’s attention are usually a highly important part of each company’s work. Marketing teams are juggling between online and offline channels, trying to stay organized and effective. Not long ago, all the marketing plans were done in excel, but very fast it became obvious that an efficient content planning solution was needed. At that exact moment, Dyce was born.

What is Dyce?

Dyce is a content planning and collaboration hub that was created to serve both large marketing agencies and small in-house teams. The core functionalities of the platform are giving a comprehensive view of the marketing plans across different channels and clients, in one single place.

For big & small needs

As mentioned above, Dyce was created by looking at the fact that companies of any size need their marketing efforts to be placed in order. The basic functionality can be divided into two groups:

  • In-house marketing teams – probably every company has a marketing responsible team that can vary from one person to several people. No matter the size, the campaigns need to be planned and executed in a successful and effective way. Thanks to Dyce your team will have a complete matrix overview of every marketing channel like social media, radio, tv, or email. Planning your content through the platform will allow your team to work together on the most efficient level, achieving enormous results.
  • Marketing agencies – while designing the platform, we didn’t overlook those with the biggest needs, which tend to get very complex and specific. Dyce works perfectly for bigger marketing agencies that partner with multiple clients at the same time. These kinds of agencies tend to run various marketing campaigns at once and usually, all of them are for different customers. Our platform helps agencies in functional content planning with a division for each specific client. That being said, everything happens in one place and your agency does not need any other tools to effectively plan the work.

Improve work with effective marketing tools

Dyce being the platform created specifically for marketing purposes, has a variety of functional tools that many clients value and do not imagine working without. Let’s present the most useful ones here to assure you of Dyce’s usability. 

No more excel and emails 

With our calendar function, all people added to the team can add, edit, reschedule and comment on events. This allows you to get rid of sending Excel spreadsheets with marketing content over emails back and forth asking for feedback or comments. What’s more, with Dyce your agency can notify the client about completed work and they can go into the platform to approve or give feedback on the created content. 

Easy post creation

In Dyce, we made content creation simpler than ever. We accommodate every aspect of the post-creation process as each of them is equally important. Therefore, you can create a post text (copy) directly in the platform as well as attach any visuals. To be right on spot, for each post you have an option to add a start and end date of the campaign. Moreover, there is a place to add the marketing channel, keep track of sponsored content, and notify others when completed. 

Team organization

Each marketing department consists of one or many teams with people who have different responsibilities. As the right team planning is also a crucial element of a successful and effective job, we have added an option to manage your teams. This tool allows you to create new teams needed for the project and assign the level of involvement for each user.

We hope that this article gave you a comprehensive overview of how Dyce can be useful for your company’s marketing activities. If you would like to talk with us about how the platform would fit your specific case, do not hesitate to contact us at or visit