Manage your members with Membeno CRM

Are you an organisation that looks for a user-friendly platform for managing donor and member relationships? Then Membeno is the right tool for you.

Membeno is a simple platform without unnecessary features, that was created specifically for membership and subscription-oriented organisations. The platform has many interesting features that we will describe below.

Profile overview

To make things as easy as possible, we decided to keep the personal profile overview simple and user-friendly. The platform keeps the basic information about the user like name, address, and contact details. Then, there is a possibility to add any number of custom fields (and of different types) with information that is needed. Thanks to sign-up forms all the details land inside the platform automatically, however, there is also a possibility of manual profile creation. It is worth mentioning that one user profile can have multiple memberships associated with it.

In Membeno you will have a general overview of the members and their subscription types. There is an option to filter those users by membership type, status, or any tags assigned to them.

Sign up pages

We know that sometimes one organisation can offer various types of memberships. Therefore, in order to provide a maximum convenience, we have enabled the possibility of creating as many sign-up pages as needed. Every sign-up page will have its own URL as well as any custom fields for information that needs to be collected from the member. By filling out this form, the member and their information are automatically stored in the CRM. The sign-up page does not include online payment but acts as a fill-out form that gathers information about contacts – and you can additionally link a signup form to a certain membership, so that the newly signed up contact also automatically gets the membership assigned.


To make things more convenient and automated we have added the possibility to automatically apply tags on contacts when they get a certain membership, remove a tag when they cancel a membership or even add a tag when they cancel a membership.


This tool was created specifically to decrease the time spent on administrative matters. Thanks to that, your members can log in using their email address or their phone number to receive a one-time passcode (OTP) and manage personal profiles to the extent that you will allow them to. This means that it is possible to select the information that should be editable for the user and the ones that only your organisation can change. 


As the platform was created to be a simple CRM, there are extra integrations that are designed to create a seamless experience for the administrators. We have already added integration to PayGate, but Membeno is built so that any such integration can be added as needed.

Additionally, there is an integration with the mailing platform MailChimp. This will create a smooth import of members to the platform which makes communication much easier. Thanks to the tagging system, you can easily segment members in MailChimp and contact the right audience.

Of course, we do not stop there and you can expect more integration in the near future. 

If Membeno sounds just like a platform tailored to your needs, contact us at