Thursday, May 26 th, 2016

Have you ever collected anything – stickers, posters, coupons, magazines, Kinder Surprise toys? The more mature we get, the less fun stuff we tend to collect. One day the shelf that used to be dedicated to our collectables gets buried under little, white notes with black, stale numbers: receipts. They start forming a little pond, that grows to a lake, which transforms to a friendly, privately-owned ocean. And we start drowning in receipts. But wait! Everything gets more organized if we add a box to the equation! So we gather them all and put them in a box. Voilà!

A few weeks later the company’s accountant asks for the receipt from that trip to Australia, the receipt from the business lunch we had months ago and the one from the expensive training we attended. As the deadline to submit taxes ominously approaches, the big home/office ransacking begins. The receipt box turns out to be a Pandora’s box. The refund for all expenditure starts looking more and more remote. Familiar, right?
We all have the best intentions to keep all our receipts organized. That is where the box presented itself. Yes, we also made a promise about eating more healthy and other NY’s resolution-like overstatements…
The truth is you need digital help in this digital age!


Preserving your receipts digitally is the best way to become more organized and assess your annual expenditure promptly and timely. ExpenseScan scans your receipts and stores them in your gallery. Simples! It is pleasant to turn a chore into an effortless habit. It is important to itemize your expenses and save yourself the time-consuming stress.


How else could ExpenseScan ease the receipt burden? It categorizes the type of your expenditure to further simplify your task. This way receipt management becomes more neat and less challenging.










Easy said… easier done. Easier done than said.

In theory, getting more organized and adding dimensions to your receipts sounds easy. It is even easier to do it. Instead of piling them in a drawer/box/file, there is a more secure and simple way to proceed. Just choose an e-mail address and your receipts will obediently go in there! You have 2 trustworthy storage places: your gallery and the pre-defined e-mail address.
Safe keeping and accounting is easy…










Time-, effort-, stress-, paper- saving tool that makes accounting easy, pleasant and effective. Get every cent back with Expense Scan! 🙂

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