Wednesday, July 20 th, 2016

We are happy (mildly put) to announce that our new product is ready to use!
Please meet the lovely and inquisitive BeetleReader.
It is the long-awaited ripe fruit of thinking, gap analysis, in-depth research but most of all of our love for simplicity.

The BeetleReader Philosophy

BeetleReader is an ePub reader – compatible with any device and browser. It does not require any special conditions for you to use it – no need to purchase anything additional. The idea of BeetleReader is not to limit and tie you to a certain device but to widen the reading horizons: anywhere, anytime. Just open it in your browser and off you go!

What is also different about it, is that it does not take you through lengthy download and installation processes. It is just there for you to enjoy!
Why create obstacles between readers and books?
The very essence of BeetleReader is to guarantee users effortless, pleasant and flexible reading. Hence it supports all kinds of media of ePub3  – text, images, video and audio. Search, highlighting favourite phrases, note taking and bookmarking are available to enhance your reading experience without making it too feature-heavy.

BeetleReader also offers a white-label option for your business – you can re-brand it thoroughly with your identity and reap all the wonderful benefits.

Yes, we are that open-minded. 🙂

The BeetleReader Audience

BeetleReader is quite friendly and wants to be useful to everybody who loves reading.
Publishing agencies, forward-looking educational institutions, authors with highly-designed books, companies which wish to have a branded shared knowledge library, or simply keep all company brochures & procedure at one place – you are all welcome to get in touch.

The white-label option may be particularly interesting to universities, which have the willingness to embrace digital learning or for companies which are looking for a secure and highly functional online place to encourage learning & knowledge sharing (company library).
Please see our demo here.

Bottom line: Dinosaurs wouldn’t be extinct if they read more!