Read on the latest news from Rainbow Riders and our products.


Use QuickPay with PayGate!

PayGate has recently become an official integrator of another payment gateway, this time it’s QuickPay. By choosing it with PayGate you get


Back to basics – SMS donations

In these times, developers are racing towards having the best mobile payments method that will overtake the market. But today, let’s go


Gather donations with Google Pay!

Today we would like to present another payment method available on the market and its benefits to your fundraising campaigns. This time,


One touch donations with Apple Pay

Another day, another payment method! Today we would like to present the next useful and convenient mobile application for payments – ApplePay.


Introduction to MobilePay

Welcome to our new series where we present the payment methods available on the market and their benefits to your fundraising campaigns.


PayGate & Vipps

Today we would like to announce that PayGate is an official integrator of Vipps. Our Norwegian customers can now use Vipps as


Dunning engine for Reepay

Would you like to make sure that donations will be received? We catered to your needs and implemented a dunning engine in

Rainbow Riders

Welcome to the giving season!

As we enter Christmas time, fundraising is now more important for people who are willing to help more. Today we have a


PayGate: New video

As we are getting more and more inquiries about our PayGate platform, we have decided to create a video to provide you


We now support Betalingsservice

We are not slowing down! Rainbow Riders have just become an official Betalingsservice integrator and for PayGate clients it means a new


Real-life case for statistics

We at PayGate decided to show our readers some real-life cases of how recurring donations through our system benefits the NGOs. Seta,


New client – Suomen Pakolaisapu

We are excited to begin the autumn season by onboarding a new client: Suomen Pakolaisapu. Suomen Pakolaisapu has been supporting asylum seekers’


New week, new feature!

As a fundraising organisation, you don’t want to let your donors get away without finalizing their subscription agreements, right? MobilePay has introduced


Feature update

We are happy to inform you that we have a new feature for our clients once again! MobilePay has introduced the possibility


MyShop Statistics

We are happy to announce that we have launched our latest product called MobilePay MyShop Statistics. As certified integrators of MobilePay we


MobilePay in 2020

MobilePay Finland recently wrote how the mobile payment providers have seen the effects of the spring 2020 and COVID-19. The pandemic has


Reepay integration

Great news for all our PayGate clients! You asked and we delivered – PayGate now supports collecting both one-time AND recurring credit


Hivpoint – testimonial

Welcome on board 🙂 “The implementation of the system was smooth and easy. The customer service of PayGate is always accessible, friendly,


New client – Ejner Hessel

HelpGate continues to help more and more Reepay clients with its one of a kind self-service platform. Ejner Hessel is one of


Animalia – testimonial

PayGate news! One of our Finnish customers, Animalia, is yet another client happy with PayGate’s service. Here’s what they say: “PayGate Subscriptions


New client – Hivpoint

New client – Hivpoint! We are happy to announce that now Hivpoint is also collecting recurring donations through PayGate platform, while using


PayGate & Paytrail

Great news! PayGate Finland now supports Paytrail which makes one-time credit card donations possible. Now you can use not only MobilePay for


New client – Seta

We are happy to announce that we have onboarded a new client – Seta ry! Seta ry supports LGBTI Rights in Finland,


HelpGate & Reepay

We just created the ONLY self-service platform for Reepay clients. It’s an online platform where end consumers can login without the need


PayGate introduction

Here it is! PayGate – an online platform for fundraisers and organizations that collect donations. If you wish to receive monthly donations