PayGate: Animalia

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What is it?

How can PayGate help with fundraising? This is the question that probably many have in mind while considering our platform for their NGO.

We want to present you a real-life case in order to show PayGate in action. Therefore, we have interviewed Emmi Pääkkönen who works in Animalia as a Fundraising Manager and is in charge of managing donations. Emmi gave us an inside view of how PayGate helps with fundraising in Animalia.

Firstly, we should introduce Animalia and their main causes. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on well-being and right protection of fur, production and experimental animals.

But how did they first hear about PayGate? Animalia was informed about our platform by MobilePay Finland of whom we are an official integrator. From this point, the onboarding process was just a matter of time and is described by Emmi as “Easy and quick”. 

Animalia carries different campaigns throughout the year, therefore we have asked about the benefits of having PayGate during these times. Emmi answered: ‘We use PayGate in our campaigning, particularly in our work that aims to end fur farming in Finland. We have created a monthly giving program utilizing PayGate and MobilePay Subscription to collect donations for this crucial work. We have integrated PayGate form on our campaign site and also have tried using SMS on-boarding during active campaigning”

Another important matter for many NGOs are the benefits in the daily operations which they get with PayGate. Emmi described the usefulness of the platform based on her experiences: “It makes donor on-boarding so easy and quick. For us, it has made possible to set up a monthly giving program with rather low costs, which in return helps when we are  trying to attract younger demographics to join the cause. It is a good addition to more traditional ways to collect monthly donations, I feel.”

We know that the decision for getting a new platform for your organization is very complex and requires time for careful considerations. We at PayGate are here to help you make the world a better place by creating an easier work life. There are a lot of our products and features that can make your work run smoother and faster.

Emmi from Animalia, along with many other happy customers have already found a lot of advantages in using PayGate platform, don’t take her words for granted and try it yourself!

“I feel we are yet to make the most out of it. But when we have used it during active campaigning, I feel it definitely has helped us reach and gain new monthly donors who maybe would not have joined otherwise.”  Emmi Pääkkönen


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