Børnehjælpsdagen’s lottery automation

Lottery ticket validation website with an admin supervision 

What was the challenge?

Børnehjælpsdagen is a Danish NGO that works with children and young adults to help them adapt to society, by empowering their skills and providing a greater start in adulthood. The client was running a scratch ticket lottery and they came to us with a need for an online solution that would allow for the lottery tickets validation. 

Proposed solution

After hearing the client’s needs we have proposed to build a simple webpage that would allow users to check the outcome of their lottery ticket and get their prize. If the ticket turned out to be a winning one, the user would also have to enter additional personal details before moving to the final step. We have created two flows for collecting the prizes, if the prize was big, the user is contacted by Børnehjælpsdagen personally, but in the case of smaller rewards, a pdf with a voucher for one of the sponsors would be sent to the winner on email. 

The other part of the solution was building an admin interface so the client could have an overview of the registered lottery tickets and redeemed vouchers. 

It is also important for us to create solutions that are not just one-time projects, but give the opportunity to reuse them in the future. Therefore, together with the client, we have decided to build the lottery website so it can be used for multiple future campaigns with minimal development input. 

Outcome of the project

Projects with more complexity are always a great challenge, but they also give room to grow and improve our skills. Thanks to our work with Børnehjaelpsdagen we have created a solution that helped them run a ticket lottery in an easier and more automated way.

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  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Tailwind CSS
  • MySQL