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Case description

Dansk e-Mobilitet is an organization for Danish companies with a commercial interest in the electrification of road transport in Denmark. The client needed a website that would not only have a good design but would also have some custom features to offer its visitors. 

After discussing the needs, the website was decided to be made in WordPress as it gives the broadest range of possibilities, but at the same time does not require time-consuming work. We have also added Elementor, so the client can easily edit the website’s content. 

The website’s design in this case is a custom one created by Taws Digital. They gracefully captured the aesthetics that express the green mobility industry and ecological environment with a dash of modernistic look and simplicity of use. 

Furthermore, there are numerous extra functionalities that we have made and placed on the client’s website.

Firstly, we have added a map that shows the charging stations in the Frederiksberg area, but also there is a form that can be filled in by the user to suggest a new place that could be added to the map. 

Moreover, the company is running a competition for the best workplace for electric cars, and users can fill in the form on the website which will add them to the competition.

To spice things up for the visitors we also added some fun tools like a CO2 emission calculator to see how much less would be emitted if the employees of a company would switch to electric cars. And finally an entertaining quiz that tests the knowledge about electric cars. 

In conclusion, the project was great and challenging by allowing us to come up with a not so casual solution. We are happy to be a part of creating a website that turned out to be beautifully done and functional for the users.


  • WordPress
  • Elementor page builder