Dansk Aktionærforening migration to Billwerk

We have performed a seamless migration of members to the new system.

What was the challenge?

Dansk Aktionærforening came to us with a need for switching from their current payment system to Billwerk Subscriptions. The most important part for the client was the import of the existing data on members. The main challenge of the migration was that some members had their credit card details saved and others didn’t have any on record, which meant that customers without credit card information would get an email from Billwerk about adding their payment method.

Proposed solution

The key part of the proposed solution was creating a seamless experience for clients’ members so they wouldn’t even notice the migration process. This had to be done by using Billwerk’s possibility of email notifications customization. In order to avoid sending out unnecessary emails, we have disabled the email notification that the member would get during the import. We replaced it with an email about adding payment information to members’ accounts only once the payment date is due. 

Migration is not always an easy process and it is very important for it to be done in a way that will not bother end customers but still making sure that all information is transferred and no members lost in the process. Together with the client, we have found an optimal solution for the importing process that created a seamless experience for both Dansk Aktionærforening and its members.

Outcome of the project

We are always happy to use customization features that Billwerk offers as together with our work it gives our client a reliable and full solution. 

If you are interested in migrating to Billwerk, do not hesitate to contact us at info@rainbowriders.dk


  • Billwerk API
  • PHP
  • Laravel