Interactive website for Natural History Museum of Denmark

Multi-functional website designed for educational purposes

What was the challenge?

Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen wanted to create a website that could be used for educational purposes with the use of real-life data examples. Our client noticed a great demand for this type of educational content as teachers and students face troubles in accessing authentic data. The website was supposed to be built in a way to appeal to the target group of students in primary school who have an intermediate level of science and math as well as their teachers. The client wanted to make it interactive, but also multifunctional so both parties could use it. 

Proposed solution

After in-depth conversations with the clients’ team, we collected all requirements and guidelines, then with the help of our designers we created the visuals for the future to be website. The solution that we presented consisted of a website with 4 pages of educational content on wildlife and a teachers’ guide. 

Each educational page consists of an introductory YouTube video that is embedded on the website in order to explain the given topic of the page. Moreover, we have placed a Google map of Denmark with specific data points and a search tool. The user can select timeframe, species, or any other information that would then filter the data points on the map. The goal of this interactivity is to showcase to the kids how they should work with data so that they can further apply the principles in their studies.

Furthermore, we have also created a page specifically for teachers with a small guide on how they can use the data for their educational purposes with examples of tasks etc. 

All the data sets can be downloaded on the website, along with the assignments for teachers so kids can also polish their knowledge offline. Moreover, online and print graphic materials were created by us to ensure the unity of the visual content. 

On the projects, especially with this level of complexity, we give our client the possibility of revisions and testing on every step of the project. This is done to ensure that the outcome of the work fully satisfies the clients at every step of the journey.

Outcome of the project

The website came out beautifully with multiple functionalities that help students gain deeper knowledge into how data is produced, so they could know how to differentiate real resources from fake information. The overall design matches the functionality of the page but also appeals to the younger audience. 

Usage of the website is completely free which is a great opportunity for everyone to get deeper insights into authentic data sets. We encourage our readers to visit the website here: and enjoy the content!

We are always happy to take part in projects that have the goal of helping or teaching others. If you are interested in creating a page with similar functionalities, we are ready to help you.


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