PayGate: Plastic Change

Another client onboarded to PayGate!

In this project we onboarded the client to PayGate by migrating relevant data and developing multiple iFrames.

What was the challenge?

Plastic Change is a Danish environmental organisation, working on a global scale to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution. They reached out to us as they wanted to use PayGate as their donations/membership subscription platform. 

This project was particularly challenging as Plastic Change was switching their current platform provider and we had to conduct several migrations of data and develop multiple iFrames.

Proposed solution

After reviewing all the information and requirements from the client, we suggested migrating all the data from previously used platforms to Billwerk and Rainbow Riders. As a next step we proposed developing custom iFrames, and creating a dunning engine for payments with credit cards. 

We successfully transferred all the data to PayGate and based on the custom design provided by the client we developed the iFrames. Besides custom input fields, the iFrames included several payment methods for one-time and recurring subscriptions.

Outcome of the project

After finalising this project we can happily say that everything works as it was intended to and we are very satisfied with the outcome.  We are looking forward to more collaborations with Plastic Change as well as developing more solutions like this for other clients!


  • MobilePay
  • Billwerk
  • Betalingsservice
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Iframes
  • SMS