Red Cross: gift card donations

Another successful solution with our well-known client Danish Red Cross.

What is it?

Another successful solution with our well-known client Danish Red Cross. This time we have helped them build a landing page with an alternative solution for donations – gift cards.

We created a custom landing page for making a donation in the form of a gift card. The landing page also contains very nice visuals as well as an interactive map with all of the shops where the gift cards can be used. And the best thing is that this is a custom solution, so we can add anything that the client wants to show on such a page.

To see it for yourself, visit the landing page here:

The person purchasing a Red Cross gift card can choose how it should be sent (on email or SMS) and in addition will also get a QR code which can be scanned at the shops for easier gift card usage. The receiver of the gift card can also check the status of their gift card at any time on a dedicated gift card status page.

This application is also backed by an administration panel where the Red Cross volunteers in the shops can login and redeem the gift cards partially or in full, with a full transaction history stored. Moreover, transactions can be done both by removing funds from the cards, but also adding more funds.

We are very satisfied with the outcome of this project and we are looking forward to developing similar solutions for more organisations in the future.


  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • VueJS
  • QuickPay integration
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Google Maps integration