Gift Card Solution: Red Cross

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What is it?

Another successful collaboration with our well-known client- Danish Red Cross! This time by working together we created a custom solution that enables selling gift cards to their second-hand stores

We built the landing page based on the Danish Red Cross’ custom requirements.  Along with eye-catching visuals, it includes an interactive map with all Red Cross stores where the gift cards can be used.

To see it for yourself, visit the landing page here:

But how does it work? 

The person purchasing a Red Cross gift card can choose a custom amount that is to be gifted. Moreover, the buyer can decide if the gift card should be sent either to the receiver by email or SMS or to the buyer’s email. To enable easier and faster usage, the gift cards contain a barcode that is later scanned in the Red Cross shops. On top of that, the receiver can check the status of their gift card at any time on a special status page.

This solution is also backed by an administrator panel where the Red Cross shops’ volunteers can log in and redeem the gift card for any chosen amount. They can carry two types of transactions: removing funds from the card when a purchase in the shop is made or adding more funds to the card. On this page, the volunteers can also access a full transaction history for every gift card scanned.

Being very satisfied with the outcome of this project, we are looking forward to more collaboration with the Danish Red Cross and developing similar solutions for other organizations in the future!


  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • VueJS
  • QuickPay integration
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Google Maps integration