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Case description

Liva Healthcare needed a solution that uses Billwerk Subscriptions, but could also work with Google Calendar, so that when their customers have made a payment a corresponding booking was made in their coaches’ Google Calendar. 

We have accommodated that with a custom build solution using our Billwerk Landing Page product, but also customizing it to integrate with Google Calendar. The solution also included custom email notifications, grouping coaches, and sharing calendars.

A functional solution was built for Liva Healthcare which is now functioning in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Each landing page is customized according to its country with the local language but still remains with the same functionality. 

Additionally, to improve the result of the solution even more, the decision was made to remove the booking integration with Google Calendar and replace it with integration to Liva’s own API. The goal was that Liva wanted control over their booking.

To spice things up we created an interesting functionality where we are detecting the type of mobile device –  iOS, Android, or Desktop – and then showing a different version of the success page that is adequate to that device.

We are very happy that Liva Healthcare was happy with what we were doing for them and that it worked so good, that they continued trusting us with further customizing and extending the landing page solution.

This case is also a solid example that our custom Billwerk Landing Pages have no limit when we talk about customizations or extend them as needed in time. 


  • Billwerk
  • Google Calendar
  • Laravel