Billwerk Landing Pages for Solidaritet

Our custom Billwerk Landing Page solution enabling MobilePay Subscriptions for yet another client

What was the challenge?

Solidaritet is a media organization that works with news from Denmark and the whole world. They asked us for a landing page that could be used for receiving one-time and recurring payments. 

However, the main point for the client was having MobilePay Subscriptions as a payment method for members, and Billwerk’s own hosted landing pages do not yet support MobilePay Subscriptions.

Proposed solution

Based on the information provided by the client with all the requirements needed, we have proposed to build the solution using our Billwerk Landing Pages product which can be fully customized. 

The solution consisted of creating two landing pages – one for recurring memberships and the other for one-time support. The user journey starts on Solidaritet’s page where the user needs to choose an amount and the frequency of the support. After that user is redirected to our custom landing page where they need to fill in additional information and complete the payment process. 

Since Billwerk’s own hosted landing pages do not yet support MobilePay Subscriptions, our custom landing page was the right solution, since it allows users to pick MobilePay Subscriptions in the Billwerk payment window.

Outcome of the project

Building Billwerk Landing Pages is always a pleasure for us, as it is a relatively quick project with a really satisfying outcome for both parties. Solidaritet is successfully using our pages for receiving support and everything works as it should. 

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