PayGate + Membercare: UlykkesPatientForeningen

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Case description

UlykkesPatientForeningen is a bit different PayGate case than the usual since we had to not only integrate with Membercare, but do it in a way where some payment methods were handled by PayGate while others were left to Membercare.

The main goal was to give the client the possibility to offer MobilePay Subscriptions as a payment method to their members. However, as we moved ahead with creating onboarding forms for them, we had to combine this with their existing payments methods – QuickPay, Betalingsservice, and Girokort. All the while integrating with Membercare, so that PayGate would send member information, subscription information, and payment history to it.

We not only managed to create a straightforward and beautifully working Membercare integration as initially planned, but even saw the benefit of doing some other small adjustments in the process which resulted in more automated flow for the client where they didn’t have to do so much manual processing as before.

And finally, we also made a similar onboarding form for their telemarketing agency that works with Adversus, making it possible to create agreements in PayGate straight from within Adversus with almost no manual work involved.

Now the client is using their new setup in a very efficient way, where all their members are stored both in PayGate and Membercare. Moreover, the members’ payments with QuickPay and MobilePay are processed by PayGate, while Betalingsservice and Girokort are processed by Membercare.

There are really no limits when it comes to how flexible PayGate is for its clients and we are very happy with the outcome of the integration, which helped UlykkesPatientForeningen with providing a better service to their members.


  • Membercare
  • MobilePay
  • Betalingsservice
  • QuickPay
  • PayGate
  • Iframes
  • API
  • DAWA