Widgets for Twitch Collection Campaign for Danish Red Cross

We worked with Red Cross to create a solution that will allow them to show in Twitch in real time donations gathered through their fundraising platform.

Case description

Danish Red Cross is a well-known Danish branch of the international Red Cross charity. They are carrying out a lot of different campaigns and trying to approach new donors with various solutions. Therefore, as they have come up with an idea to create a campaign through the Twitch platform, external help was needed.

We have a long relationship with Red Cross, as together we have created many successful products and solutions, hence they reached out to us for help. Their need for running Twitch Collection Campaign required creating 3 widgets that could consume real-time data feed coming from their iRaiser fundraising platform. The purpose of the widgets was to display the campaign’s progress for Twitch viewers. 

The first step was to access Red Cross’s iRaiser data feed and process the information. We have set the data to refresh every 5 minutes to show current campaign progress. All data was stored in a database that also served as a backup in case iRaiser data feed would break and didn’t update the numbers. 

Furthermore, the solutions required 3 widgets – a progress bar of how much money was donated at the moment, a donation alert above a certain amount, and one that showed the latest comments made by donors. 

Of course, we didn’t forget about providing our client with some flexibility. Therefore, we made it possible for Red Cross to adjust the donation amount goal directly through the URL address of the widgets.

The live Twitch campaign went on the air in September 2021, and we are happy to say that everything went smoothly in the way it was planned. Moreover, the fundraising performed much better than the 2020 campaign.


  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS animations
  • JSON