This is a list of the cases we are most proud to show and are allowed to show 🙂

Nothing speaks better than a few good examples

All our clients are happy with what we have built for them and we are too, because we can show you what we are capable of.

Danish Red Cross

We helped the Danish Red Cross by building a WordPress setup, but with the multi-site feature enabled, so that any of the Danish municipality departments of the organisations could easily setup their own website.


EUindblik is a magazine published by the Danish Agency for Research and Education. We have built a digital version of that magazine with a custom responsive design.


Educational real-time game for students nominated for the “Danish Design Award” for 2019

Saxe Group

Saxe Group hired us to redesign and redo their main website and all the subsites of the companies belonging in the group. We have done all of these in WordPress using the multisite feature of it.

Rainbow CRM

Rainbow CRM is a CRM system that we have developed for managing our contacts, leads and follow-ups – simple as that.

Kjaer Global

Kjaer Global chose Rainbow Riders to help them rebuild their main website as well as their Global Influences blog.

Flash to HTML5 animations

Rainbow Riders transformed 5 animations originally implemented in Flash into responsive interactive animations with the help of HTML and CSS.

SMS app for Move1

Move1 have approached us for a custom webapp (running on any device and browser) that can help people track their habits and ask for help from their consultants, if they are having difficulties.

DMO Guru

DMO Guru is a CRM system focused on managing contacts, events and follow-ups.


An iOS app for scanning receipts and mailing them to a predefined email address.


Royal Danish Fish have approached us to build them a webshop to sell eel and other products, as well as provide useful information (like recipes) to their customers.


Even though SPAR had apps in other countries, Spar Denmark was lacking one. So we were approached to develop such apps for both iOS and Android.


Howe have a special website presenting their Tonguechair design – However, they were lacking a webshop to sell it and this is where we came in to help.

HOWE 40/4 Treasure Hunt

HOWE 40/4 Treasure Hunt is a combination of a WordPress website and native iOS app.

The great thing about this project is the communication of data between the app and the WordPress website


Sæbyliv is a WordPress portal for the town of Sæby in Frederikshavn municipality, Region Nordjylland, Denmark.


Evolutionsstien is an iOS app for a very interesting event that took place in Denmark. The app visualises an actual route from “Orion Planetarium” to “Jels og Gram Lergrav” in Denmark.

Attention Group

Attention Group needed a redesign of their old website and we went in their to offer our services.

Københavns Madhus

Økoløft is Regeringens Økologiske handlingsplan’s project. The website’s main purpose is to prompt the communal kitchens to run organically


ArtDeli is a custom built platform for all kinds of artists, to showcase their work and put it on sale for anyone interested in buying.

Momsguide is a tool to calculate VAT based on the type of business you run.

Danmarks Motor Union

Danmarks Motor Union are one of our biggest and first clients and they still rely on us for the maintenance of their DMU Forretningssystem, which we developed.

Avenida needed a redesign of their old website and we went in their to offer our services.