Anders Thingholm

Phone: +45 61 60 83 00
Skype: andersthingholm

Anders is our multi-talented CEO who just loves complex challenges and new ideas!

Area of expertise: All things digital, sifting out the complex and focusing on simplicity & account management
Most used phrase: “Go ! :-)”
Loves: Progress, innovation, good arguments and… cocktails!
Hates: Missed deadlines, unclear specifications & lengthy documents

Petar Yovkov

Phone: +45 36 93 48 22
Skype: petar.rainbowriders

Petar is the team’s pillar. He is the first who started working with Anders & knows the business inside out. Petar is Rainbow Riders’ COO.

Area of expertise: Project Management, Development & Negotiation
Most used phrase: “I am very busy, but I will try!”
Loves: Good music, fresh ideas, dogs & finding solutions
Hates: He is not a fan of fruitless quarrels or empty chit-chat… in fact he’s way too positive to hate anything!

Albert Suntic

Lead Developer

Skype: albert.rainbowriders

Albert is our Montenegro’s treasure. He is always smiled and ready to crack a joke at all times. Albert is Rainbow Rider’s Lead Developer.

Area of expertise: Development & bug chasing (no bug remains unfixed after super Albert locates it!)
Most used phrase: Most often a joke
Loves: His children, football & laughing
Hates: Too many formalities

Angelina Buchvarova

Product Owner
Skype: angelina.rainbowriders

Angie is our content writer. She could make you read about receipts or software without boring you at all! Her soft spot is Twitter, as it calls for concise and powerful copy.

Area of expertise: Copywriting, Marketing & Strategy
Most used phrase: “#productivity”
Loves: Metaphors, theatre, humour & red wine (and recently vitamin sea)
Hates: Beating about the bush

Biser Yordanov

Skype: biser.rainbowriders

Biser is our ninja-developer. He is determined, focused and can ambush you with his wonderful sense of humour.

Area of expertise: Development & technical issue solutions
Most used phrase: “Clear your cookies & you will see the changes are implemented!”
Loves: His boy, servers & good humour
Hates: Cookies. Web cookies.

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