Corporate Social Responsibility – Rainbow Riders Care!

Together we can make the world a better place

All that we have done, we have done, because of you – our clients, colleagues and friends.

Child support

Over the past several years Rainbow Riders has supported children from all around the world by covering their expenses for school and medical care. It is a pleasure for us to help kids, as they always show us that part of the world, which is in all ways different than ours. And with their simple letters and drawings they make it absolutely clear that people are not different at all.

An year ago we said Goodbye to our sponsored child Jesus, as he was ready to stretch his wings and take his life in own hands. Then, just a few months later, we said Hello to Rosa – our new sponsored child from Bolivia and we are now enjoying the letters we receive from her. We are glad to know that she is enjoying her childhood, going to school and singing in her spare time.

In the end of 2014 we also adopted Claude – a 4 y.o. boy from Rwanda. Couple of days ago we received a letter from his family, stating that the boy is happily enjoying his childhood, cherishing every moment spent playing with other kids. In the company of his relatives he feels surrounded by their love and care.

Refugee support

Another cause that Rainbow Riders supports is the refugees coming primarily from Syria. In the summer of 2015, our CEO Anders Thingholm went to Lesvos island as a volunteer and created fundraising campaign for buying water, food, diapers and other necessities the refugees needed there. Rainbow Riders also made a donation to the Danish Refugee Council.

Doctors without borders

Our latest cause are MSF. Starting from October 2015, Rainbow Riders is now supporting MSF on a monthly basis. Our contribution helps MSF to send medical care, medicines and equipment for diseased and distressed populations in areas where health services have collapsed or are non-existent as a result of war, poverty or natural disasters – areas which are often forgotten or usually stay outside of the media spotlight.

Apart from the causes above we support and will keep supporting many other organisations as we believe that together we can make the world a better place!


AidSpace is a non-profit organisation with focus on providing web tools for NGOs.
We are proud to say that this organisation is funded by Rainbow Riders.

If you want to learn more, make sure to check AidSpace website.