Tuesday, May 31 st, 2016

Ironically some business meetings turn out to actually be counterproductive. Middle management professionals spend about 35% of their time in meetings, while upper management representatives – about 50%. Scary, isn’t it? Business appointments are often seen as a necessary evil. Despite various grievances about the ineffective side of business meetings, they are here to stay. So how to make them more productive?

The first and most important must-have is an agenda. In order to get to any place, we need to have some directions. The agenda should be as detailed as possible to keep the focus of all attendees on the main aims. This outline encourages employees to prepare for a fruitful conversation. Contribution is what makes a meeting lively, proactive and effective. Monologues are neither engaging,or inspiring.

After the agenda is ready, proceed to the selection of participants. Who really needs to be there? Some seeds are just not suitable for this type of soil. Why would you invite an IT specialist to a marketing meeting? To keep them informed? Bet they have more relevant tasks they could work on in the meantime. The meeting organizer should have a very clear idea of who should be present in the meeting and for what reason.

Before the meeting is due, send a reminder. We live in busy times – a reminder is always good to have. Place importance on accurate timing for the meeting start. It is established that businesses waste about 19 hours annually due to late meeting starts. As time is money, be prudent with your time.

Ok, the appointment starts. Take notes and assign labels to each agenda topic. Is it for somebody to research, or does the subject require more discussion? Make sure there is a clear description about each agenda item. If time is up, mark the topics you did not manage to discuss and put them first in the next meeting agenda. The notes are like the white pebbles for Hansel and Gretel – without them the path is untraceable.

Before the meeting ends, dedicate some time to recap all that has been said. Write simple and actionable items:

New logo – To Do: Find a designer
Team Building – Research: Find 10 venues and put in the agenda for next week
Product launch – Idea: Write about 3 ideas each for cost-effective launch of product X for next meeting.

After the meeting is wrapped up, follow up to impress! Send a memo to all attendees so that everyone has a reference point.

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