How do we work?

So you need our help, but how does it all start

We work according to a proven method to ensure that there won’t be anything overlooked in our projects.

Preliminary dialogue
Objectives and purpose – what have you imagined? What would you like to achieve? We will try to extract as much information out of you as possible before we get to work.

Clarification phase
Based on the information you have given us, we start with the project’s technical framework. How do we solve this and that, could you do something different, better? Along the way, we make a lot of follow-up questions, so that we can prepare an offer.

Preparation of offers
We present a project description, specification and price for you. All this must be in place, if we are to push the start button.

When we agree on the scope and cost, we prepare a production plan that everyone can accept.

The developers and project managers control the battle here, while producing the solution as agreed. We keep in touch, so you are in the loop at all times. The development process ends with an acceptance test, where everything is approved by you.

When you have approved the project in acceptance test, we can deploy the solution so that your customers can benefit from the efforts of downloads, visit and purchase.

Post deployment
We recommend that we take a post-deployment meeting to evaluate and plan what the future will bring.

You still have quesitons?