About us

Our story...

It all started with a passion for continuous development in the digital world. Then with a dash of colorful ideas, Rainbow Riders were called to life.

This happened in 2006 and from then on our company has not stopped growing and delivering our clients the most innovative ideas.


What drives us forward is our passion for problem-solving by tailoring our products to our clients’ needs.


We value every minute of your time and we are always ready to help. We need to be sure that our clients have the best experience with the provided solution.


No client is too small and our pricing is defined by that principle. We want to create equal chances for every client to get their needs fulfilled.


Our team consists of different nationalities and cultures and we believe that having diversity is a key to creating extraordinary solutions. 


Our mission is to create solutions with top-tier usability to support our clients’ daily work, but always on time and budget.


We are a digital agency with the most recognizable products in the Nordic countries. We believe that with constant development and collaboration with our clients we can make a difference on the market.

Our team



Owner and founder of Rainbow Riders. Passionate about digital solutions that can change daily life. The skipper – in charge of all operations, makes sure everything is top quality.



Leads technical team and ensures that all projects are completed to the smallest detail. He is the one who prepares the concepts and technical specifications for your project.


Senior Developer

Grants your wishes from the development side. Many years of experience prove that your projects made by Albert will be delivered with high quality.


Senior Developer

Our developer that always makes sure that the usability of the product is always in place. He always identifies areas for improvement to make your solution even better.


Customer Onboarding Specialist

Takes care of customer relationship, ensuring its smooth communication and service. Always ready to help and answer any questions about our products.


Customer Onboarding Specialist

Takes care of writing digital content and servicing the company’s customer portfolio. Always ready to help and answer any questions about our products.