A full-featured volunteer management web app.

What is AidSpace?

We have designed AidSpace for NGOs that struggle with their current tools for managing their organization and resources.

AidSpace is created with a simple and clear idea to help organizations that want to communicate effectively, connect, manage, recruit and keep volunteers. Our principal target is to empower and bring teams and processes together using one solution. 

We’ve listed some of the bigger features, but there are many more which you can read about on the AidSpace website.

Users & volunteers

Manage users and volunteers alike by also setting their relationship to your organization’s hierarchy.

Groups and activities

Combine people in groups or activities for easier management.


Recruitment module for onboarding new volunteers online.

Shift scheduling

Schedule shifts across your volunteers with review and approval process.

Event calendar

Create organization wide events or specific to a given group and let people signup for the free slots.

Task management

Simple task module to keep track of todos and who’s responsible when.

Why use it?

Empowers volunteers, coordinators and managers in organizations in their daily activities.

Improve effectiveness in all levels of the organization.

Use one platform instead of juggling between multiple ones

Recruit more volunteers

GDPR compliant, cloud system – all data is SSL encrypted.