Membeno CRM

A simple system for tracking and managing your members

What is Membeno CRM?

Membeno is a user-friendly CRM system, designed for small and medium-sized organizations. 

Created to be simple, without any unnecessary features, Memebeno CRM is the perfect tool for managing members and their memberships.

Multiple sign up pages

Create as many sign up pages as you need for various subscription types.

Custom tags and fields on members

Create member profiles and add custom tags and fields to them.

Self-service for members

Give your members the possibility to freely edit their profile data and subscriptions

Integration with PayGate or other subscription platforms

Automatically sync new contacts and subscriptions from PayGate to Membeno.

Integration with MailChimp or other communication platforms

Sync chosen contacts to different lists in MailChimp.

How it works?

As the platform is created to be user-friendly, we wanted to keep the onboarding process as easy as possible for you.

Create signup pages

Create signup pages for different subscription types and provide their URL to the potential members.

Choose a subdomain for self-service page

Decide on how the URL should looks like (f.x. and the logo that will be displayed.

Customize self-service experience

Choose which profile data fields should be editable by the members.

Optionally integrate with external platform

Add an integration to PayGate, MailChimp if you are using these platforms or contact us for additional integrations.

Start your journey with Membeno!