Our platform gives you the ability to use MobilePay Invoice without the need for any development or integration from you.

MPI is our online platform that gives the ability to create invoices in your MobilePay account and send them for payment to any of your customers.

To take advantage of the MobilePay Invoice, a company would need to integrate with MobilePay by developing their own solution. But why should that be necessary, since we’ve already done it for you?

Yes, our platform is already integrated with MobilePay Invoice. And it’s ready to be used outside of the box with your MobilePay Agreement.

Among the main features to notice are:

  • Create as many invoices as you need
  • Detailed reports showing the status on all your sent invoices
  • Create invoices in big batches by just having an Excel sheet with the data that goes in them

In order to getting you on board of our platform, you just need to contact us at info@rainbowriders.dk

Currently we are  developing also a web interface for the platform, which will ease the onboarding process and will also allow you to create invoices yourself without the need for our involvement.