MyShop Collect

MyShop Collect is a standalone platform for organizations to collect fees with MobilePay MyShop.

What is it?

We know that collection of fees can be time-consuming for both you and your customers.

MobilePay MyShop payments are extremely easy to use for everyone and we created a solution that takes advatange of that. 

MyShop Collect is a simple, but powerful tool that will allow you to collect payments from your customers in no time. Its versatility of use is something that makes it appealing to almost any type of organisation.

Collections on one or more people

Create a list of people and select the ones you need to collect from. Then create a collection by giving it a name, amount, and due date. Then the platform will send SMS (with your custom message) to the people with a MyShop payment link.

Collection landing pages

For the cases where you don’t have a ready list of people, you can create a collection landing page and then share its URL or QR code for people to make payment themselves. 

Automatic reconciliation of payments

MyShop Collect uses MobilePay Transaction Reporting API to fetch lists of made transactions and based on that will automatically reconcile collections by marking them as Paid.

Send reminders for overdue collections

You can select people that have an overdue collection(s) on them and send a SMS reminder with a custom message.


Fast and efficient way to collect fees

Creating a collection takes a couple of seconds and your customers can pay even faster.

Perfect for on-premises payments

Create a collection landing page, which you can give to people on-premises and easily gather fees like never before.

No more need for manual reconciliation

We take care of the reconciliation, while still leaving you the option to mark collections as manually paid.

5 minute onboarding time

If you already have MobilePay MyShop, onboarding in our platform literally takes less than 5 minutes.